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    Lechange đổi tên thành IMOU

    imou (trước kia là Lechange) camera imou đổi tên để cung cấp bản sắc thương hiệu tốt hơn, nó hỗ trợ tất cả các loại sản phẩm phần cứng imou như camera wifi, chuông cửa không dây cũng như cảm biến cảnh báo imou…

    imou (formerly Lechange) is now online, the app’s name is switched to imou in order to give a better brand identity, it supports all kinds of imou hardware product such as wifi cameras, wireless doorbell as well as alarm sensors and etc.
    It gives you the ability to remote view your camera regardless your geographical location. Moreover, push notification allows the camera alert you only when something happens.
    It also offers cloud storage for alerts, every new user has one month free trial for one channel.
    imou works with IFTTT, Amazon echo show so you can connect your smart home together to build a safer one.

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    Thông tin cập nhật phiên bản mới
    1. Brand Upgrade to imou, and brand new slogan: Enjoy Smart Life
    2. New cloud storage module